is our globally designed CSR programme to responsibly bring about a difference to the society and give the less fortunate people reasons to smile. As part of this company-wide initiative, each year, our Indian teams across 6 major cities, headed by their respective ‘Young Leaders’, reach out to schools and special institutions. Monetary donations are offered towards people’s better upkeep or education while our teams spend quality time with them and distribute gifts and joy! We like to time it just before Diwali to ensure that while we celebrate with our families, people out there are happy too.

On 27th September 2013, our Indian teams were ‘Out for Good’ visiting schools and some special homes for the blind and AIDS infected children. One of our Young Leaders, Sumit Ghosh from Pune has summed up our experience and key take-away as:

“In our attempt to spread happiness amongst our less fortunate friends, we felt blessed in turn. We were moved to see so much selfless love and burning desires to take on the world. The time we spent with them will always be cherished by all of us and these friends will never be forgotten.”

Here’s where we went and what we did in 2013: