Colliers International has the largest in-house team of LEED® credentialed professionals in the region and a growing team of BREEAM International Auditors and BREEAM In-Use Auditors. We have extensive experience certifying Green Building projects across Eastern Europe.

A growing number of studies have confirmed the many benefits of green buildings, including the following:

  • Higher rents (6% more than non green buildings)
  • Higher occupancy rates- 3.5% greater
  • Higher sales prices (16% more than non green buildings)
  • Healthier and more productive building occupants (saving substantial costs for businesses as employee salaries and benefits are typically a company’s greatest expense.)
  • Reduced energy costs of 10-20%
  • Free PR/marketing
  • Positive company/corporate image
  • Future proofing building’s investment value: by 2015, 50% of all commercial buildings are projected to be “green”

Green building is an amalgamation of modern science, technology, and design. At the same time, Green building is also a philosophy. Thus for each project we evaluate all relevant factors in detail, within a local setting, and accounting for how global best-practices can be adapted to make sense locally in regards to climate, available resources, technical know-how, and existing/developing infrastructure.