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Office Services - Kowloon

In 2011, the team handled over 100 office space leasing transactions. This allowed us to establish the largest office leasing market share in the Kowloon area. The Kowloon Office Services Division is an extension of our services to serve clients seeking Grade A office solutions for relocation or expansion across the harbour in Kowloon. The team comprises a team of highly specialised professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and experience in the Kowloon commercial market. Through an excellent track record and superior expertise, the team provides comprehensive yet customised commercial leasing solutions that meet the clients’ specific requirements on time and on budget.

The experience of our highly recognised Kowloon Office Services Division speaks for itself. In 2011, the team handled over 100 office leasing transactions. This allowed us to establish the largest office leasing market share in the Kowloon area. Coupled with our mantra to provide optimal and seamless office solutions to our clients, the team collaborates daily to exchange market expertise so that our service quality is uniform on all levels. As we help our clients to recognise their current problems, we are able to align ourselves with their needs thus providing us with a competitive advantage in this space.

Landlord Representation
Our landlord representation team provide a clear overview of competing properties and market trends. Our systemised approach to analysis, marketing and communications ensures you will never miss a prospect. Our leasing specialists help you:

  • Identify competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement;
  • Create a specific go-to-market strategy tailored to your business needs;
  • Apply best-in-class marketing tools to segmented targets and generate strong interest and feedback from prospects.

Tenant Representation
As market business changes, the role of tenant representation is no longer limited to simple negotiations. Our tenant representation team are experts at crafting real estate strategies to suit your current and future market needs. Our experts:

  • Guide stakeholders through the selection process;
  • Provide in-depth analysis of market conditions and trends to ensure the best possible selection choice is made;
  • Identify potential hurdles and top tenant mistakes to keep your office relocation or rent renewal process on target with minimal disruption to your business and productivity.

Kowloon Office Sales Division
Founded in 2010, the Kowloon Office Sales Division assists investors and owners seeking to acquire and dispose property investment assets with a special focus on the Kowloon market. The team combines knowledge of real estate markets and industry relationships with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics in strategic investments to a depth of service virtually unmatched in the marketplace. Headed by experts with over a decade of real estate experience in investment assets, we gather real-time data from industry sources and our own research platform to keep our clients informed about all aspects of the market.

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