A commercial real estate lease or sale is often a landmark event for a company-representing a new office, new facility or new opportunity to generate business. We don't approach these landmarks simply as transactions; we see them as opportunities to further advance our clients' overall business goals, whether it's their first time dealing with a property asset or the management of a large portfolio.

Landlord Leasing Teams
Our landlord leasing teams provide a clear overview of competing properties and market trends. Our systemized approach to analysis, marketing and communication ensures you'll never miss a prospect. Our leasing specialists help you:

  • Identify competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement.
  • Create a specific go-to-market strategy tailored to your business needs.
  • Apply best-in-class marketing tools to segmented targets and generate strong interest and feedback from prospects.

Tenant Representation Teams
Our tenant representation teams are experts at crafting real estate strategies to suit your current and future needs. Our experts:

  • Guide stakeholders through the selection process.
  • Provide in-depth analysis of market conditions and trends to ensure the best possible purchase choice is made.
  • Identify potential hurdles and top tenant mistakes to keep your relocation or renewal process on target with minimal disruption to your business and productivity.

Sales Teams
Our sales teams achieve the best price for your property through a system of broad market exposure to generate immediate investor interest. You will have direct access to:

  • Experts in valuation, property management and project management to ensure your building is optimally positioned for sale.
  • Marketing technology tools that can enhance information security, reduce tenant disruption and create a competitive bidding environment.

Professional advice throughout the negotiating process to swiftly close at your optimal price.