Managing Director | Greece


Q. What kind of person succeeds in your role at Colliers International?
A. A person that maintains the necessary balance between manager and leader. To able to think out side of the box and implement innovative and enterprising ideas and strategies while motivating, encouraging and leading your team through challenging situations. Also, instead of viewing difficult circumstances as problems, to look upon them as challenges and treat them with curiosity towards the final result.

Q. How would you describe the culture at Colliers International?
A. Knowledge, Expertise, Community, Fun. Colliers' four values that at any of the 554 offices throughout 66 countries remain strong and unchanged.

Q. How did the Greek market first react to the fact that a woman, Serbian, lawyer was going to be leading Colliers, Greece?
A. In the beginning it was interesting to see the first reactions in the market. My team provided me with a lot of support since day one and they introduced me in the market; to cooperators, competitors, clients in the best possible manner. Furthermore, being a foreigner, woman and lawyer by education gives an "exotic" look to our team. For me, it is just one more thing that differentiates us from the others in the market... it makes us unforgettable!