Director | Investment & Office Services 


Q. What drew you to Colliers International initially?
A. I was familiar with the Colliers brand  being one of the top commercial real estate services organization from the years that I used to work abroad. When I relocated to Athens and started job hunting, I decided to send my CV to Colliers. I was amazed to receive an interview invitation within a week and more impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the top management and the Colliers’ employees. I had the feeling that I was entering into a strong cultured people orientated organization rather than a faceless corporation.    

Q. Describe your typical day at Colliers International?
A. If you are looking for a flexible time schedule,  low pressure working environment, then you should reconsider applying at Colliers. But if you take the risk then I guarantee you that your work will never become mundane and tedious and everyday will be a different experience by which you will grow not only as a professional but as a person.

Q. What keeps you fired up about coming to work?
A. My passion for what I do. I am motivated by the opportunities to meet new people, take on new challenges and to work and learn from the best.