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Our working culture is to be informed, informal professionals. Our vision is to be the market's Project & Building Consultancy of choice. Above all we mitigate risk for our clients in all sectors and markets.

Why choose our Project & Building Consultancy team?

A number of key factors differentiate Colliers International's project & building consultancy service from that provided by our competitors.

Currently over 75% of our income is derived from clients instructing us direct and this proportion is increasing year on year. Accordingly, we retain the ethos of an independent firm of building consultants, with the accompanying speed of response and market awareness. This is combined in our case with the resources and market spread of a major general practice firm – making us unique among our contemporaries.

Clients' interests come first

We are one profit centre and do not operate regional boundaries – rather according to client preference and resource needs. Clients do not therefore suffer from work being passed to individuals they do not know.

Responsive. We respond very quickly from client instruction to report issue both on a national and global basis. This quick response has allowed our clients to maximise their commercial advantage over their competitors.

Innovative.We have developed a unique summary style building survey and project monitoring report format that gives focused advice in relation to a client's property interest, whether it be for investment, freehold, leasehold acquisition or disposal purposes. It provides concise, relevant information and recommendations and avoids use of needless and unnecessary commentary. It has been extremely well received by clients, with complimentary comments also received from some of our competitors!

We offer to share risk with our clients – perhaps via success-related fees or combining services to provide economy of scale.

Our Building Consultancy Services

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Building surveying
  • Due diligence surveys
  • Development and construction monitoring
  • Restoration and refurbishment
  • Building reinstatement valuations
  • Dilapidations – schedules and negotiation
  • Service charge dispute reconciliation
  • Principal Designer
  • Planned and strategic maintenance
  • Business continuity
  • Statutory audits
  • Audits (of third parties)
  • Expert witness in litigation
  • Schedules of condition
  • Measured surveys
  • Project management
  • Single point service
  • Lead consultant
  • Employer's agent
  • Project coordination and review
  • Cost consultancy
  • Preparing feasibility studies
  • Construction cost services

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