Colliers Rating Team lodged an appeal to challenge the 2010 Revaluation Assessment of the Antonine Hotel in Falkirk town centre.

The 2010 Revaluation saw the Assessors increase the Rateable Value of this property from £40,000 to £52,000. 


After discussions with the client we served an appeal and began negotiations with the Central Scotland Assessor.

We challenged the Assessment on a number of fronts and after scrutiny of the turnover and the composition of the various Bar and Accommodation elements that were included in the Valuation we felt the Assessor had approached it the wrong way in terms of the Scheme of Valuation for Hotels.

We provided an alternative valuation to the Assessor based on the issues raised and the appeal was settled without the need for a hearing. 


  • Initial recommendation and advice from a professional rating surveyor with extensive market experience
  • Full analysis of turnover and accounts for the purposes of rating valuation
  • Proactive lead in discussions with the Assessor to ensure best result for our client
  • Representation at Valuation Committee and Lands Tribunal if required
  • Continued rating advice and support throughout the life of the rating list and beyond;
  • Direct internal link to all of Colliers International’s commercial property services, providing wide range of support for all types of commercial property


The appeal was agreed with the Assessor at a reduced Rateable Value of £30,000 which meant rate savings for the client of £51,879.00.