Rating Valuation Appeals

We check your Rateable Value and analyse all the data relevant to help us decide whether it’s appropriate to submit an appeal. If we do, we’ll negotiate the rating assessment with the Assessor, and we’ll take your case to the Valuation Appeal Committee, Lands Tribunal or beyond if we need to.

2015 Revaluation Postponed

In November 2012 The Scottish Government announced that the Revaluation due to take place in 2015 would be postponed until 2017.

The business rate liability can be a substantial overhead for any company (large or small) and now with no Revaluation until 2017 it is more important than ever to get professional advice to ensure that you are not paying more than you should be. 

Empty rates legislation changes

The Scottish Government have also altered the Legislation concerning Empty Property Rates Relief and this comes into effect from 1st April 2013. The changes will have significant financial implications for holders of empty retail, leisure and office properties in Scotland.

It is now crucial for landlords of unoccupied properties to access the right guidance on empty property rates. The Glasgow Business Rates team can help. We can offer proactive advice on minimising empty rates liabilities now and in the future.