Whether you want to buy, sell, rent out or lease a office property through us, as our client, we guarantee you will receive competent, extensive consulting services as well as the support you need during every step of the process. We dedicate our time  answering all of your questions and meeting your requests. Our office property consulting team is comprised of investment, brokerage and valuation experts with the expertise needed to provide you with comprehensive services.

Investor Services
Investing in office property calls for the right strategy. We work with you to develop the perfect approach. 
We assess potential appreciation and development possibilities as well as current market value and create marketing concepts customized to your office property. Our clients benefit from the global presence of the Colliers International group when it comes to getting in touch with buyers and sellers.
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Brokerage & Agency
The quality of a location as a working space and cost-effectiveness factors, such as ancillary expenses and space efficiency, are becoming more and more important to tenants seeking office space. Clients are increasingly seeking properties that meet their specific, individual needs in terms of corporate identity, layout, and furnishings. When it comes to modern office space, the requirements are always changing. Flexibility is the key!
We know the profile of what tenants require, and we put that knowledge to work advising owners and tenants on property concepts. Having been active in our markets for many years, we have a comprehensive view of what is available, and our experienced consultants put that expertise to good use, identifying the type of space that will best suit the client. We focus on the client’s requirements throughout the process.
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Do you own office property or are you looking to buy? Taking a comprehensive approach means knowing the value of your office property. Our experienced valuation experts offer you the entire spectrum of property analysis and valuation services.
We conduct our valuations in accordance with German valuation standards (§ 194 of the German Federal Building Code (BauGB), § 16 of the Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG)) as well as international valuation standards (IVSC / TEGoVA - Blue Book / RICS - Red Book).
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