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Real Estate Investment Services

Whether you wish to buy or sell a property with us – as our client, you can depend on receiving capable, detailed advice and all the support you need at every stage of the process. We take the time to answer all your questions and meet all your requests. At our group, experienced real estate specialists working hand in hand with architects, attorneys, and business executives to present you with all the facts you need to make a decision.

Single Assets

As we continuously update our records on what type of properties our domestic and international clients are currently seeking, we can be very confident that a sales transaction can be concluded at the market value of a single property or portfolio. Our investment teams provide advice on buying and selling, founded on thorough knowledge of the local market.
When our clients seek to select and approach investors, they benefit from the international nature of the Colliers Group. We coordinate technical and legal due diligence work.
Our estimate of a property’s market value delivers clarity for both buyer and seller. It is based on an inspection of the property, an analysis of the local market and location, and on all of the factors that have a material influence on the price of the property.
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Portfolio Sales

The structured planning involved in our portfolio process system (PPS) guarantees a transparent process of preparing and brokering real estate portfolio transactions. We assist in setting up physical or virtual data rooms and manage the organization of the due diligence process.
The documentation we prepare contributes to ensuring that the entire transaction process will pass an audit.
We can provide an interdisciplinary team to assist in sale-and-lease-back transactions. Together with the portfolio management team, we generate cost savings and optimize revenues in the context of your strategic business planning. We examine the potential for development and value appreciation and devise customized marketing concepts.
Our assessment of market value paints a clear picture for the client. It is based on in-depth research, including a survey of the property and analysis of the local market and the location, together with what these activities reveal to be the major factors influencing prices.
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Project Development

As project development consultants, we provide services in the following areas: project initiation, consultation during the initial project planning phase, various project analyses (e.g., best use analysis, competition analysis, risk analysis) and pre-construction measures, e.g., helping our clients obtain development rights and adjust land boundaries.

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