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Colliers analysts provide a wide spectrum of statistical and analytical studies, covering all commercial real estate market sectors. Using thorough research allows our team to help you minimize risks and cut the costs. Real estate market analysis serves as the foundations in establishing the best solutions in developing competitive projects. Colliers experts also provide thorough analytical reports, which are essential for project’s feasibility studies in current and future markets and are therefore very important for financial institutions.

Market analysis simply gives our Clients a competitive market advantage. Thorough research helps our customers avoid foreseeable problems and costs and maximize market opportunities as well as being an essential starting point for our Consultation and Valuation Departments. In our experience, real estate consultants often fail to provide their clients with detailed calculations and analysis of the project, considering all relevant factors.

At Colliers International we start with the small details, to create a solid foundation of data which our Clients can rely on in development of their projects.

Our services:

•       General market reviews

•       Reviews of regional economic conditions

•       Detailed location analysis

•       Market behaviour forecasts

•       Advice for the optimal location for projects

•       Calculations on optimal rent rates for given locations

•       Solutions based on the analytical research

•       Calculations of market capacity

Colliers prepares also regular market overviews in English, which include:

1.      Colliers International prepares monthly Estonian Commercial Market Overview, which includes the most recent real estate news and information, figures and outlook for the Retail, Office and Industrial markets in Estonia. The overview is tailor-made by our analysts and prepared to keep our partners and clients up-to-date on most recent developments and statistics on the commercial property sector in the region. Colliers monthly Market Overview will keep your business informed about Estonia’s recent property market trends.

2.      Monthly transaction overview summarizes the month’s notable transactions in Estonia and other Baltic States. The overview contains information from Colliers’ clients, partners and the state transaction registry such as real estate transactions, new projects and investment deals.

3.      Annual Retail property market review is focused on the Estonian economy forecast for the next four years and its affects to the retail market performance within the upcoming years. The analysis is supported by key indicators including the consumer confidence index, dynamics of income, demographic trends and other macroeconomic figures, which have an impact on retail trade. The report focuses on Tallinn and answers relevant questions concerning the retail market, such as: What movement will the market see in rental prices over the next 12 months? Where is the market moving over the upcoming years? Who are the potential new market entrants and potential new tenants? What is the level of solvency of retail tenants? Also we will give our opinion on who may consider new development activity.

4.      Annual Industrial market review is a summary of market trends and analysis of the sector's future prospects with the focus on Tallinn and Harju County. The overview covers industrial and warehouse development activity, Harju County development plans, an overview of Estonia's economic indicators and forecasts, assesses the current and projected level of output in the industrial sectors of manufacturing, transportation, logistics and storage, the level of foreign demand for exports and trends in Estonia's main target markets. The focus of the overview is on industrial and logistics parks, and it gives fresh updates in of vacancy rates, planning, rents and land prices.

5.      Annual Office Market review focuses on the city of Tallinn. The report summarizes growth prospects and dynamics of different business segments. Analysis of statistics explains which locations of the city and what type of office space is currently in demand and what kind of development would be profitable. It also provides an analysis of the current main tenants’ movements as well as future activity in the upcoming years. The analysis includes the outlook and visions of today’s investors and other market participants. In addition, the review discusses main macro indicators and economic statistics, and planning activity related to office sector. For comparison, statistics of neighbouring countries is presented.

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