A hands-on approach is how we define our account management strategy for Fortune 500 Company, Cummins Inc. Our EMEA Corporate Solutions team manages a regional portfolio of office, warehouse and industrial property across Europe the Middle East and Africa region, including many emerging markets and remote locations, for Cummins.

Regular visits to the critical project locations to ensure proper planning and delivery of our transaction and optimisation services is a key component of our commitment to understanding the clients’ business and providing exceptional service. Through approaching Cummins business as if it was our own, we are able to implement customised best practice transaction management methods specifically for their business.

Our EMEA team is part of a global account management team that has assisted Cummins across 190 countries including the following countries throughout EMEA: Angola, Botswana, Morocco, Spain, South Africa, Qatar, Turkey, Norway, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Romania, Belgium and the Netherlands.