Based on extensive benchmarking data, insights from Colliers’ global surveys during the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging market trends, Workplace Expert provides a quick indication of the type of office environment that best suits an organisation. It helps to define their optimal environment for the health and productivity of their people, and rebalancing their office mix, whether through a reconfiguration or relocation.

“Now, more than ever, the office is being acknowledged not just as a pure cost asset, but as a space with a vital role in connecting and empowering people to operate at their best in the next evolution of workplace experiences,” said JanJaap Boogaard, Head of Workplace Advisory | EMEA and lead tool developer. “Creating the right core work environment that is responsive to current challenges and future needs will be crucial for attracting and retaining talent, as well as enabling employees to perform and collaborate.”

Workplace Expert responds to inputs about organisational characteristics of each individual company, rather than recommending a solution based on a preference already indicated. As well as suggesting specific office environments, the tool recommends office sizing and the number of workstations and functional areas needed. 

Sven Moller, Associate Director within the EMEA Workplace Advisory team, added: “This tool offers a quick and easy way for organisations to explore the right strategy and find out more about the type of work environment that will help them accelerate success. We have the capability to develop more detailed solutions for clients with additional inputs such as occupancy and utilisation data, employee working patterns, and employee questionnaire results.”

Andrew Hallissey, Executive Managing Director, Occupier Services | EMEA added: “At Colliers, we recognize that data insights delivered through world-class technology have a role to play in assisting our clients make the best decisions to maximise the value of their property. We could not be more excited to introduce this tool to assist businesses with the next evolution of their workplace, as office space is at a critical juncture.”

For more information, visit Workplace Expert.