“None of us could have anticipated the events of this year and their impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and our communities,” said Chris McLernon, Colliers’ CEO EMEA. “So, we felt that this year, it was more important than ever to celebrate the talent within our business; and recognise those professionals that are creating and seizing opportunities, embracing change and thinking differently to generate new and better solutions.”

Colliers’ EMEA Awards emulate the company’s values – Be enterprising,

Collaborate, Invest in relationships, Be experts and Do what's right – and comprise 10 categories that individuals can enter themselves or nominate colleagues.  In addition to the 10 awards, this year a special mention award was added, following strong support from employees, to recognise colleagues that had gone ‘above and beyond during’ the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2020 winners were:

  • Michael Raibin, Director & Co-Head London City Fringe, UK for Community
  • Johanna Truffier, Consultant, France for Rising Star
  • Spain was the Country of the Year
  • Jeroen Bloemers, Director Marketing & Business Development and Frank Verwoerd, Head of Research, The Netherlands for Best Brand Initiative
  • Damian Harrington, Head of EMEA Research for Business Services
  • Holly Brown, Head of Client Services, EMEA for Service Excellence
  • Andrew Hallissey, Executive Managing Director, Occupier Services, EMEA for Leadership
  • Julia Navarro, Analyst, Spain for the Spirit of Colliers
  • Dominique Bredin, Directeur Corporate Solutions, France and Rob Campkin, Head of EMEA Corporate Capital Solutions for Cross Border Referral
  • Kesko Energy Team, Finland for Team Innovation
  • JanJaap Boogaard, Andrew Hallissey, Peter Leyburn, Damian Harrington, Esther Maraite, Sasha Richards, Vicky Rakova, Nash Hammond, Sophia Kalpaka, Ismail Mustafa all from EMEA teams; Eeva Jauro, Saija Tolvanen, Kati Häkkinen, Sami Manninen, Päivi Pirkonen in Finland; Thilo Kaiser and the Marketing & Communications team in Germany; Monika Rajska-Wolińska in Poland; Dirk Bakker and the Dutch Management Board, Eric Annaert, Jeroen Bloemers, Justin Arnoli, Richard Boersema, Harold Coenders, Hil Bos, Ljuboff Kazakov, Hanne Schlaghecke, Job Paarlberg, Joost Ran, Ruben den Uyl and Rudy Litjens in The Netherlands; and David Freeland in the UK received the Special Mention Award.