Colliers International is the first international organization certified by the CMC (Comissão do Mercado de Capitais Angolana). With this certification, and under the Regulamento da Comissão do Mercado de Capitais published in January 2014, Colliers International is now  certified to complete the valuation of any property assets owned or in the process of belonging to any Angolan real estate investment fund.

The new legal framework aims at regulating an activity – real estate appraisal – that has become critical to many local players, so many times the victims of a poor assessment of a market too dynamic under the patterns set by other hemispheres. “Colliers had been waiting for this document for a long time, which will be decisive driving the local standards of property appraisal upwards” said Nuno Serrenho, General Manager of Colliers in Angola. Nuno Serrenho added “we followed closely the whole process, because we believed in its importance for the future of the national property investment”. In the end, Nuno concluded that “Colliers leadership in the real estate appraisal industry, in Angola, is built daily through the relationships we have with our clients, but also in the unmatchable service quality we provide and the detailed attention we devote to our clients needs”.

Colliers International has been in Angola, since 2008, working at a national level. “We were the first global real estate organization who believed in Angola” said Joaquim Chambel, Colliers Manager in Portugal and Angola.

The first Luanda office market survey was completed by Colliers back in 2008 and it is, to this day, followed by many as the cornerstone for accurate estimates of the office stock in Luanda.

“Among our clients, we have banks, international organizations and several institutional investors, so we had to closely follow another step in the right path, taken by the Angolan authorities” added Joaquim Chambel.
Joaquim concluded referring that “just as we were the first to arrive in Angola, we are also the first global organization certified by the CMC, which highlights our commitments: with Angola, with the standard of our work and with our clients”.

From today, Colliers, as a certified by the CMC property appraiser, has a specialized service, providing valuations fulfilling all the requisites stipulated in the adequate legal framework.