In the Netherlands there are approximately 1.5 million office employees. In the Colliers International Office Review 2014 satisfaction about location, the office building and “the new way of working” are discussed.

Among the Dutch office employee there is a general satisfaction about the office location, with an average grade of 7.1. One is especially pleased by the accessibility of most office buildings. Both the accessibility by car and bicycle score a 7.6.

In regards to the facilities around the office building, people are less satisfied. The absence of suitable  childcare, sport facilities and shops are a major concern among office employees.

Flexibility not desired
It is widely known that many organisations are scaling down the amount of square meters and are creating new flexible offices. It is notable that 40% of the office employees who currently have a flexible workplace want to go back to a fixed workplace. Only 29% want to keep the flexible workplace. Moreover, most employees with a fixed workplace want to keep it.

The new way of working on the other hand, is desired by most office employees. 50% of the respondents says that they are planning to work more at home in the near future. When applying for a new job the new way of working is not much of an issue.

The opportunity was given to the surveyed employees to come up with recommendations. Not surprisingly, as earlier outlined, climate control was the subject of most recommendations (34%).

The subject of 33% of the recommendations was the workplace of the office employees. Most employees recommended the employer to buy new and better furniture. Furthermore, more social interaction between colleagues is a wish which many employees have.

The final group of recommendations consists of the existing facilities (17%). The average office employee is very unsatisfied about the hygiene of the toilets and the quality of the coffee.  

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