The sales of the churches are a major event in Denmark and have received substantial media attention. Church sales are a sensitive issue and many Danes have involved themselves in the debate on the sales of the churches in online newspapers and the like. To bring about new ideas, Colliers has arranged a case competition for students, who can make suggestions for the future use of the churches.

Churches have been closed in Denmark before, but not many have been national churches and many of the churches have been in very poor condition. That the Danish Lutheran State Church puts two well-preserved churches on the open market – that’s new.

When the tenders are assessed in early July, not only the price is going to determine who the new owners will be, but the purpose. The owner of the churches, Kirkefondet, has stated that migrant communities and other religious communities are the most obvious candidates to take over the churches, but social and cultural purposes are also acceptable. There will, however, not be a nightclub or a supermarket in the churches, as Kirkefondet does not want to see the churches used for commercial purposes.

”It as a very exciting challenge - these buildings really bring creativity into play,” says Director Peter Lassen from Colliers International Denmark in Copenhagen.

The tendering period for the two churches in Nørrebro in Copenhagen starts Monday April 22 2013 with a deadline for tenders on June 21 2013.