He began his new role at the beginning of January and will continue to be responsible for the management of the Düsseldorf Colliers’ office. As international investment specialist, Ignaz Trombello has been a letting and investment advisor since 1991 and brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He has previously established and led investment departments and been responsible for setting up business teams with responsibility throughout European markets.

Achim Degen, Managing Director of Colliers Deutschland Holding GmbH, said, “Through his extensive experience with high-volume and international transactions, Ignaz Trombello has acquired profound professional expertise and an excellent national and international network of contacts. Deutsche Telekom, STRABAG, DEKA and AEW Europe are just a few of the companies he has advised on deals. This combination meant that he was the ideal candidate for the position as  Head of Investment Colliers’ Germany.”

 Coherent National and International Consulting and Consistent Standards of Quality

The establishment of a single point of contact for Colliers International, Germany’s investment consultancy makes sense from a strategic and from an operative perspective. Achim Degen added, “Our clients are active in many locations all over the world. They expect coherent advice, regardless of the location, and consistent standards of quality. By naming a central point of contact, we are better able to meet these expectations and can deliver direct communication and nationwide substance.” The foregoing applies both to Germany and to the rest of the world as the position of Head of Investment for Germany will be supported by a key account team, which will operate throughout Germany and work in close cooperation with all members of Colliers International Property Consultants Inc.




Advising with the highest Degree of Seniority

“We are able to offer our clients not only harmonised and simplified communication but also the highest degree of seniority”, stressed Ignaz Trombello, “our head consultants are usually partners or Managing Directors. This dedication to the business is one of the unique features of Colliers International and sets us apart from our competitors and other market players.”