Associate Director, Office Services

Bucharest, Romania Q. What kind of person succeeds in your role at Colliers International?
A. To me, brokerage is not simply a job, it is a passion. If one wants to succeed as a consultant you have to serve your clients and colleagues as you would like to be served. Another thing that I do every day is focus on solutions, not on the problems.

Q. How would you describe the culture at Colliers International?
A. In Colliers I feel I belong to a family, my best friends being also my colleagues. I love the spirit of community that pushes us to give our best every day. Freedom to express your opinions and the opportunity to have your ideas appreciated and promoted are some unique things in our team. Nevertheless, critique or support at Colliers are only meant to be constructive and help you develop professionally.

Q. Describe your typical day at Colliers International
A. My working days begin and end with “to do” lists. As the environment is very dynamic and rapid changes occur in daily activities, these lists help me stay on the track and on top of things. In the morning or in the evening I manage administrative tasks, while during day time I am out of the office for meetings with old, new and current clients.

Q. Three words to describe the culture at Colliers International?
A. Family, Service Excellence, Innovation.

Q. What gets you fired up about coming to work?
A. As Colliers is my family - who doesn’t like going home? Every day we are meeting new and interesting people. They all have their own stories and learnings, which I can constantly learn from and enrich myself.