Eastern European Research


With highly experienced research and office specialist teams we are able to offer regional office market intelligence through the publication of comprehensive research reports with detailed analysis of office market metrics including vacancy, demand, occupier and development trends and forecasts as well as regular commentary and market assessments.
Office Outsourcing Info-graph Series for Central and Eastern Europe

In this Office Outsourcing Info-graph Series for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) we look at the drivers behind BPO locations including University numbers, population and the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking at a national level (Part 1). In Part 2 we consider the costs, including labour and annual rental costs at a city level. In Part 3 we illustrate changes in the volume of space occupied by BPO/SSC/ITO occupiers according to location and business sector since 2010.  We look at the ratio of office space occupied by BPO/SSC/ITO occupiers by city in Part 4 to classify which markets show the best capacity for growth.


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