Our Services:

Rating Valuation:

We analyse all the data relevant to your rateable value to help decide whether it’s appropriate to lodge an appeal. If we do, we’ll negotiate the rating assessment with the Valuation Office, and we’ll take your case to the Valuation Tribunal, Valuation Appeal Committee, Lands Tribunal or beyond if necessary. Negotiating better business rates is an important part of our service but we also do much more.


With complete confidentiality, we forensically examine historic (billing authority held) payment records to identify instances when clients have paid too much. This could have been due to inaccurate calculation at the time, or through charges that were not compliant with the legislation in force. Whatever the reason, we nearly always find money that can be recovered, money the government are quite happy to retain for as long as possible. This money belongs in our client’s bank account!

Account Management:

We combine our expertise in rating and management accounts, to manage the payment of non-domestic rates. We’ll take on responsibility for the entire rates function, ensuring only correct demands get paid and that refunds and interest are recovered promptly. We’ll provide regular and detailed reporting to make sure all payments are traceable.

Our Team:

The Rating team in Bristol is headed by Ben Batchelor-Wylam, with John Webber as National Head of Rating based in Birmingham. The team of 30 also includes Graham Ryall, Vice President of the Rating Surveyors Association (RSA) as well as other leaders in the business rates industry – a number of our specialists sit on the panels of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation and Rating Surveyors' Association.