Commercial Property specialist Colliers International is already lending its expertise to a nationwide social media campaign aimed at supporting  traders and driving footfall on Park Street in Bristol.

The Broad Quay based commercial property agency  is fronting the social media campaign and backing the return of the pop up shop phenomenon to further improve the street scene.

Colliers International retail specialist Nick Turk said: “Despite a faster than anticipated recovery in UK retailing not even Britain’s hippest street is completely immune to the downturn and there are still a small number of vacant units in what is an otherwise thriving location.

“A number of pop-up shops and street galleries operated in Park Street during the depths of the downturn – and could be the answer to closing up the small number of vacant shop frontages which remain.”

Nick said said pop-up shops and businesses could take advantage of cut-price rents  and short term leases with a view to establishing a permanent foothold in one of the city’s prime business locations.

“Pop-up shops are worth their weight in terms of creating active frontage, adding vibrancy and local colour to the street scene.

“They are especially effective in locations with a strong independent streak such as Park Street where their bright ideas and strong visual impact boosts the street’s appeal out of all proportion to their operating budgets.”

“Like all shoppers, I   would prefer to see a pop-up shop rather than a boarded up unit. This is one way of helping Park Street in particular but also town centres across the West to maintain some level of footfall, even if it does prove to be here today, gone tomorrow.”

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