Tim, head of office at commercial property experts Colliers International, said agents all over the city were dusting off  their portfolios  in a bid to lure  overseas investors – especially Chinese - away from an increasingly crowded capital.

Tim said: “Bristol is an ideal conduit for investment cash flowing into the UK from China.

“While overseas investors continue to make a bee line for London the Chinese have to start looking further afield to find good quality commercial property investments. This is already attracting investors to Manchester and Birmingham but we are confident Bristol’s iconic office space and big name occupiers will have put us on their radar.” 

“Chinese investors want to invest in iconic buildings such as the Lloyds amphitheatre, with major occupiers and tenants. As the London market begins to overheat the opportunities become rarer and naturally overseas investors will be looking further afield at the major regional markets. Bristol is very much on their horizon.”

Tim said the firm’s global presence gave Colliers International valuable insights into overseas investment patterns and trade opportunities.

He believes working more closely with agencies such as the Bristol China Partnership will open up further opportunities to stimulate business.

He said: “Recent Bristol trade missions to China  have made great strides raising our regional profile and alerting the enormous Chinese market to the range of opportunities available in the West.

“China has begun to look beyond the capital for regional investment opportunities and is known to have taken very close interest in  regional projects such as  the new high speed rail link proposed for the West Midlands and beyond.

“Bristol is ideal because of the quality environment, the location and most importantly its significant growth potential – all of which will appeal to the discerning Chinese investor.”