• Carry out inspections and investigations to the extent necessary to undertake a rating valuation which is professionally adequate for its purpose.
  • Making proposals when required.
  • Negotiate with the Valuation Officer and settle the appeals.
  • Calculating estimates of rate liability.
  • Advice on action required to minimise rate liability.
  • Examine historical payments record to identify instances where overpayments in rates occurs. • Provide regular, detailed reporting, making sure all payments are traceable against individual properties.
  • Identification of the potential for reduced business rate charges via the examination of computed rate charges, payments and other sources of information relating to business rates assessments to produce ‘virtual’ demand notices.
  • Preparation and submission of detailed compliance and audit claims to billing authorities regarding business rate reliefs, credits, write-offs, exemptions and allowances.
  • Negotiation of claims with billing authorities, including any responses to Revenues Officers’ queries.


  • Provide a comprehensive business rates Rating and Accurates service, including challenging business rate valuations and examining historical business rate records for evidence of overcharging.


  • Rating service that challenges business rate valuations. Accurates Audit service that forensically examines historic  rate liabilities and recovers substantial sums in overpaid business rates


  • “Using their non-intrusive, 'behind the scenes' operating methods, Accurates has so far recovered very significant sums for The NEC Group in overpaid rate charges. I am absolutely delighted with the results achieved so far and also the excellent ongoing working relationship we have forged with the Accurates team. ” Richard Campbell-Kelly, Property and Insurance Manager, The NEC Group