• For this unique family of businesses owned its members including: Food, Travel, Banking, Insurance, Pharmacy, Funeralcare, Legal Services, Electrical and Beds, Accurates undertook a compliance and validation exercise in relation to the computed business rate charges (occupied and empty properties).


  • Our team re-constructed and scrutinised for compliance, individual historical and current billing authority liability records held for the company.
  • We especially focused on the assumptions behind calculations and verification against the various statutes, statutory instruments, cases and practice/guidance notes concerning the billing and collection of non-domestic rate liabilities.
  • We are also adding further value to the process by deploying our live and ongoing liability compliance audit. service (business rates health-check), which has been designed by former local authority revenues officers


  • By the use of precisely engineered methodologies, the Accurates team was able to expose any inaccurate calculations and non-compliance, which in some cases led to overcharges going back over a number of years. 


  • A good result for everyone - over £2 million in overpaid business rates recovered.


  • Desktop forensic analyses of computed liabilities within our Midlands compliance audit centre to avoid disruption to clients’ operational activities;
  • Identification of potential for reduced business rate charges via the examination of ‘virtual’ demand notices produced using our rateliability calculator programmes;
  • Selection of most appropriate and effective methods for securing the maximum rebate for clients, both retrospectively and going forward;
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of detailed compliance and audit claims to billing authorities by Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation qualified former local authority revenues officers;
  • Negotiation of claims with billing authorities, including any responses to Revenues Officers’ queries;
  • Ensuring local interpretations, judgements, determinations and systems meet legal and administrative requirements.