The CCA system puts a significantly greater responsibility on the ratepayer and all their agents, particularly during the check stage. In the current proposals there is a requirement for the ratepayer to log into the CCA system, create a username and password, enter their National Insurance and passport details and link each individual property to their proposed agent. The ratepayer is also responsible for confirming the accuracy of an assessment and providing missing information.

What is clear is that the work to deal with CCA is weighted to the early stages of the appeal process and only organisations such as Colliers, with access to research and agency teams, will be able to provide the service necessary to adequately represent you.

We can help you by:

  • Manging the entire process 
  • Providing a report identifying which assessments would benefit from an appeal
  • Making timescale recommendations
  • Working with an internal administrator or registering as an administrator ourselves
  • Updating portals and databases