Birmingham City Council is consulting on a range of proposals to be incorporated into the city’s development plan and Colliers International planning specialist Marcus Plaw said it was essential people registered their views on policies which could shape development for the next twenty years.

He said: “This is a critical stage given the wide ranging issues which the Draft Plan is seeking to address  which will directly affect the city and neighbouring areas for years to come.”

“The Birmingham Development Plan has taken some years to reach this stage and once adopted will  replace the current Birmingham Unitary Development Plan.

Planning and development advisor Marcus Plaw - who is based at Colliers International’s Brunswick Square office - said: “The current consultation requires that the plan be considered against a number of tests of ‘soundness’. It will then be Examined by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.”

“The strategic issues are wide ranging but fundamental to this is the planning strategy to accommodate Birmingham’s growth.”

Marcus said there was significant pressure for a new urban extension to help support Birmingham’s growth and accommodate the forecast population growth of some 150,000 by 2031.  However, the document is of key importance for owners of land and property no matter what size.

“It’s important land and property owners, developers and stakeholders consider the draft plan’s policies and strategies and make their comments known – before it’s too late.”

The Draft Plan’s policies encourage small and medium sized development sites to come forward for development as housing and other uses. 

“This consultation is a critical time for developers to ask themselves whether the Draft Plan will work for them. Once the Birmingham Development Plan is adopted, other Birmingham City Council policy documents and plans will draw from it so it must be robust, realistic and aspirational.”

The consultation ends on March 3.