The German capital is booming - the Berlin office and investment market is generating record results. Colliers International Berlin has been able to position itself as the clear market leader. Take-up of around 433,280 m² since 2009, or a market share of approx. 13 % of the entire Berlin leasing market. These positive results can be attributed to the ongoing improvement of global economic conditions.

The majority of companies are optimistic about the future and are planning to expand. The market is currently characterized by numerous start-ups and many companies are relocating their headquarters to the German capital. Berlin is one of the top 10 most popular investment locations in Europe and its growing market for downtown luxury apartments and considerable rent increases makes Berlin an even more desirable location. In addition to lucrative job offers, Berlin continues to offer attractive living costs and a first-rate infrastructure, making Germany’s most international city attractive from head to toe. New companies create an exceptionally dynamic atmosphere. Berlin is growing; the job market continues to be robust and Berlin’s residents are experiencing real income growth.

For years now, Berlin has been a European center for young entrepreneurs from around the globe who develop new business models, primarily in the ecommerce industry. Start-ups are receiving considerable recognition worldwide and attract young, creative, highly-qualified people from all over the world. Political institutions and industry associations expect much from this industry and see the city's future in this area. Berlin embodies unbelievable potential when it comes to talent and enterprise. The city will continue to benefit from its unique selling point as Germany’s only metropolis and trendsetter well into the future.