This event saw the release of our latest valuation-based research, an economic update from in-house economist, Dr Walter Boettcher, as well as panel discussion with 4 guest panalists..

Healthcare Research and Market Review Research Summary:

UK Care Homes Review: Healthcare Market Hindered by Falling Fees Despite Improved Occupancy Levels in 2014.
Occupancy levels are continuing to rise in all sectors and now exceed 90 per cent in nursing homes, personal and specialist care homes.
Despite stronger occupancy, profit margins are becoming tighter; falling fee levels coupled with rising costs have meant profitability has fallen in both nursing and specialist care sectors (to 31.1 and 31.5 per cent respectively).
The international ‘search for yield’ has lead overseas investors to compete ever more directly with ‘cash rich’ UK institutions to push down yields across asset classes and across the UK.
Non-payroll costs across all sectors went up slightly in H1 2014, reaching 17.5 per cent in personal care, 15.1 in nursing care and 15.0 in specialist care.

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