Before sending a detailed exposé including the address, a number of bureaucratic procedures must be fulfilled, that may surely lead to some lack of understanding with some people. However these procedures are definitely necessary if the customer does not want to wait two weeks for information or even a viewing.

The specific process is as follows:

  • You are interested in a property and step into contact with us.
  • We inform you about the new right of withdrawal and provide you with a model withdrawal form.
  • Should you now want us to act already prior to the expiration of the 14-day withdrawal period, you have to request for this in writing and you abandon - with complete fulfilment of the contract within this period - to your right of withdrawal.
  • As soon as we hold your signed document in our hands, you are going to receive as usual all necessary information regarding the desired property.

For further information you can also visit the following link. Consumer rights NEW

Naturally we are always at your disposal for questions. Contact us.

Cancellation policy / Right of withdrawal according to FAGG
Model withdrawal form