Legal and professional-services firms inhabit their own special place in the working world. Each organisation has specific needs that affect image, culture, profitability and efficiency, with considerations that are different from other kinds of office tenants.

The legal and professional-services industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Mergers, globalisation and technological advances have irrevocably changed the way law firms do business. As a result, flexibility and financial structure are critical elements in how to negotiate and use real estate.

The Colliers Legal and Professional Services Practice Group will partner with you to evaluate and understand these issues, and ensure that the appropriate use of real estate helps drive the success of your firm.

As a trusted advisor, we can:

  • Utilise market knowledge to seize new opportunities
  • Identify risks that may impact your real estate now or in the future
  • Evaluate workplace solutions  
  • Identify and analyse leasing and investment options
  • Create and manage evaluation programmes to ensure your needs are being met
  • Access industry best practices and provide benchmark data
  • Design and implement negotiation strategies to achieve success
  • Mitigate risk and limit your financial exposure
  • Manage capital resources
  • Control costs
  • Create communication plans to engage with your teams
  • Work effectively with other specialists and providers to ensure seamless execution