While others adopt a one-off approach to property marketing, the strength of the Colliers Residential Services team is built on the relationships its experts develop in the course of doing business, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the complete spectrum of property – from concept and planning through to sales and on-going management.

Our Residential Sales experts work closely with our Research team to keep vendors and purchasers informed of the latest market developments; and they collaborate with our Marketing team to develop multi-channel campaigns that achieve maximum impact.

Our broad clientele across the region includes public and private developers, investors, institutions and high-net-worth individuals. We help them to build their portfolios through a combination of financial analysis, research and market advice on all aspects of the residential property sales market.

The Residential Leasing Division addresses the housing needs of a wide range of corporate and individual clients. Its service encompasses sourcing a suitable property, negotiating the lease terms and assisting with the entire relocation process. Their excellent services and specialised knowledge have given our people a high reputation for meeting the varied needs and expectations of an international clientele. We can help you to satisfy your housing requirements in a fast and efficient manner.