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Research & Development

Our missions: anticipate, understand and experiment

recherche et développement

In a context of societal transformation, changing ways of working and management, real estate is becoming a valuable lever for companies. For any player in the market who advises companies, it is vital to anticipate trends, test new tools, experiment with methods and, above all, measure feedback.

In order to support its clients over the long term and to guarantee them sustainable advice and operational recommendations, Colliers decided to invest a few years ago in an R&D unit made up of researchers in the human and social sciences and supported by all of our businesses at Colliers. This team actively monitors corporate real estate and the social and societal context that is transforming our society.

We develop our research in partnership with actors from the academic or innovation world, as well as with companies committed to one of our three research themes. Beyond the objective of operational implementation at our clients' sites, our work gives rise to the regular publication of articles and studies on three main subjects.

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Deciphering the future of commercial real estate by identifying and analysing the many factors behind the current transformations whether social, societal or environmental: climate change, mobility, AI, jobs, labour value, etc. Discover our publications Odyssey 2030, on Grand Paris and on coworking.



Investigate the major changes at work related to work modes and environments by analysing their impact on individuals, organisations and spaces; such as the flex office or Hybrid Ways of Working (HWoW). In particular, we have created an Observatory allowing companies to benefit from benchmarks and feedback based on surveys by questionnaire, focus groups or interviews...



To create and/or experiment with new tools and methods in order to develop our practices and offer companies increasingly innovative and expert support. To do this, we combine the design thinking methodology with the use of 3D tools, make the most of the contribution of geomatics to analyse territorial dynamics and identify future opportunities, and also experiment with innovative reference systems such as OsmoZ developed by Certivéa.

We are developing our work in partnership with players from the academic and innovation worlds; the CNAM, the Lab RH, Futuribles and Argomento, as well as with companies wishing to work with us on one of our research themes, such as Engie and AXA.

demarche de recherche en partenariat
etude odyssée 2030

Odyssey 2030

Through this new prospective report, we aim to shed light on what work could be like by 2030 in France.

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etude internationale actineo

Workspaces in major cities

Where & how will we work in the post covid world?

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etude coworking dans tout ses états

Flex Office, from fantasy to reality

Why choose a flexible environment? What are the key success factors for employees to be happy? Why choose the NWOW model?

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