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Property Management

Optimize property performance

property management

Well-managed, healthy and functional properties bring continuity and stability for owners. At Colliers, we ensure that your real estate assets provide full satisfaction to your tenants, in line with your investment strategy and ESG objectives. We provide technical and regulatory management of your properties to ensure the best possible benefits, both in terms of rental income and legal compliance.


With Colliers as your property management partner, your assets are optimally managed for the best satisfaction of your tenants.

The core strategies of Colliers’ digital property management business

  1. "Digital-first" expertise: digital approach to on-site building infrastructure, and to healthy and SMART workplaces, to deliver enhanced experience and real-time insights.
  2. Data-led decisions and delivery: we take a total view of data. This means: how we go beyond financial data to include ESG and customer experience data; how we gather the data; how we clean and store the data; how we mine and analyse the data, and; how we present the data. We call this the Colliers Data Value Chain and it underpins and informs everything we do on your buildings and portfolio.
  3. Agile enterprising solutions: we are nimble and responsive to change and challenges, using new technology and processes to better analyse, manage and create impact.
  4. People + technology in collaboration: the real power is delivered by the collaboration between people and technology. We invest in both and ensure the combination works to deliver better results - differentiated analysis with real impact on portfolios and individual assets. 
  5. Impact on sustainable performance: ESG principles run throughout our operations. We deliver on this with SMART tech, IoT and RPA to reduce resources consumed across the property lifecycle and maximise positive impact for our environment, owners and users of real estate.
  6. Global insight, local expertise: everything we do has to work locally − at each building, for each tenant, within each community − this is our starting point. Our global presence means we identify technology and asset developments at an early stage from our international portfolio, and then we make them work locally. Colliers’ Property Management is unique in its approach of meshing together global trends and local application for your portfolio.

We optimise your asset management, build tenant loyalty and secure your income

Colliers assists its clients, investors, companies and public bodies, with all the tasks related to the management of a property complex (offices, warehouses and commercial premises) from an administrative, legal, regulatory, technical and budgetary point of view, in order to optimise its management and development.

Efficient operation and maintenance of a property contributes to the security of your assets, both by preventing deterioration of the property's technical standards and by facilitating the experience of tenants who view the property as attractive and functional.

Our property management services include:

  • Tenant and contract management
  • Support in the digitalisation of assets
  • Support for the tertiary sector decree and energy efficiency
  • Technical management of facilities (building operations and maintenance, etc.)
  • Administrative management (contract management and lease and tenant administration, billing and collection of rent and service charges, cost and expense control, etc.)
  • Property accounting and financial reporting

A trusted partner

By partnering with Colliers, you will benefit from the attention of advisors who will manage the ever-changing needs of your property to maximise value and tenant retention. Allowing you to focus on your business. We provide property management services to owners and tenants of office and industrial assets.

We offer our clients local expertise throughout France, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the market, the users and the support provided by our global network. We collect data on similar properties locally and internationally to provide you with in-depth advice on the market and your specific asset type.

Our property management solutions are tailored to each client's needs and those of their customers. Your satisfaction and that of your tenants, as well as your reputation in the market, are important to us. As a property manager, our goal is to deploy on the portfolios entrusted to us all the right conditions to guarantee tenants a good quality of life at work.


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