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Turn this crisis into an opportunity for change!

The COVID-19 health crisis is shaking up our lifestyles, consumption and work habits and is prompting us to re-evaluate our priorities as individuals and as a company. It is up to us to turn this crisis into an opportunity for change! Issues considered to be under control are at the top of the list of questions put to managers: hygiene, prevention and health, organisation of activity and remote working / work from home / team work, reconciling employee commitment with their role as parents, respect for individual freedoms...

Colliers' vocation is to support companies and their employees until the economic recovery. The aim is to give management and managers the right tools to adapt to the deconfinement, and finally to enable a better appropriation of the challenges of changing work methods, with a hybrid approach, as well as better collaboration around the transformation of working environments.


We offer services and support to occupiers and tenants and public sector.


Our offers integrate 3 principles of action:


  • moderation: reduction of real estate costs, reuse/recycling of disused real estate, equipment and furniture, new consumption behaviours and limiting travel.
  • employee and collective commitment: based on collaborative, managerial and digital practices that allow for work of equal quality both face-to-face and remotely, freedom of choice, co-construction of life rules, employee confidence in the company's ability to ensure their health and safety.
  • responsibility: a 100% responsible working environment (uses, behaviours, energy consumption, travel, virtuous purchases, services). 

51% of respondents feel that work from home has no impact on their productivity and 27% feel that it has increased.


Our offers designed for you

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HWoW, tomorrow's way of working

Why are we talking about hybrid work? The Hybrid Ways of Working is a variation of hybrid modes of work, both face-to-face and remote, aiming at the ideal balance between office work and remote work, for an integrated response to many company objectives: performance improvement, pro-personal life balance, employee health, attraction/retention of talent, improvement of the carbon footprint, and cost optimisation. HWoW obviously conditions the use of workplaces and technology, but it is above all a new culture, with a fundamental change in management and in the way teams operate.

What kind of workplace for tomorrow?

If people can be effective working from home, then what is the purpose of the office? How can we leverage our real estate and workplace to best support our organisational and cultural goals? In early 2020, our global Workplace Advisory team launched the first global ‘Work from Home’ experience survey, engaging over 5,000 respondents in 25 countries across 18 sectors. The survey measured the respondents’ experience of working from home plus the levels of desire to work from home after COVID-19. The core aim of the survey was to collect data in order to improve the ‘work from home experience’ and identify potential medium and long-term impacts.

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