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Creative Architecture

Design at the service of the working environments and methods

creative architecture

Delivering tailored offices to embody the promise of the space experience

Tertiary real estate is being redefined, the workspace is being transformed and is becoming more and more hybride. More than ever, it is necessary to anticipate the social, economic and societal changes that are impacting working methods. The workplace is becoming the centre of a new balance to be invented and made consistent with the performance of the organisation and its teams.

Based on its user experience, Colliers uses a global design approach to conceive and implement the entire ecosystem of the workplace (services offered to employees, spaces, uses and work rhythms). Global design is the key to creating an inclusive, sustainable and humanised experience of the workplace, so that work can be experienced differently. The Colliers approach? To take on board the brand dimension from the start of the development project, and to put the user at the centre of our reflections in order to translate the changes in lifestyles and work into a coherent and concrete global experience. Translated with (free version)

Modéliser et concevoir votre futur environnement de travail en s’appuyant sur nos approches éprouvées en 5B et HWoW.

Workplace Design


Model and design your future work environment based on our proven 5B approach (Bricks=physical spaces, Bytes=technology, Behavior=behaviors, Brand=brand and image, Benefits=services and extra-curricular activities) and HWoW for Hybrid Ways of Working.

Imaginer et réaliser vos lieux de vie à mi-chemin entre les environnements de travail et les lieux qui font le quotidien

Experience Design


Imagining and creating your living spaces, halfway between work environments and places that make up your daily life, to give you unique experiences by integrating the visual identity of your brand with the architecture of the building and delivering places with character.

Tester, innover et créer des lieux responsables et durables comme un laboratoire pour travailler différemment et accompagner la démarche RSE de votre entreprise

Future Design


Test, innovate and create responsible and sustainable spaces as a laboratory for working differently and supporting your company's ESG approach, right down to the details of the materials and furniture, thanks to our partners specialising in recycling and re-use.

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Discover some of the workplaces we have designed and realized for our clients.

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