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Workplace & Change Management

Creating a working environment with you that supports your company's performance

workplace & change, your workplace is vital to the success of your company

Your offices are essential to your company's success

The work environment has an impact on culture, talent retention, productivity and employee well-being. Our Workplace & Change Management experts will support you in your strategic thinking about the work environment of tomorrow, the implementation of a dynamic environment, or the transition to flex-office or the Hybrid Ways of Working (HWoW)...

Our teams bring together diverse and complementary skills; coaches, management consultants, researchers, experts in Flex, HWoW, Change Management... and master all the techniques of consulting. We work with you in a spirit of partnership, creativity and entrepreneurship, to support you in your real estate transformation projects.

Create with our clients spaces adapted to the evolution of their working methods

The health crisis has accelerated the profound transformation of working patterns. Standardized homeworking asked by employees, part-time work, hybrid work, work-life balance... all these factors impact managerial practices and intra- and inter-team collaboration? How do we support the informal part of the relationship in the company? How do we bring employees back to the office? A new paradigm for the work environment is opening up.

In this context, our teams support companies in this new vision of the office by relying more and more on our unique and global approach and skills of the work experience built around the 5B: Bricks=physical spaces, Bytes=technology, Behavior, Brand and Benefits=services.

The prospective work we carry out, our experience of more than 20 years, as well as the feedback from our clients are assets that allow us to guide and help management and project committees in their decision-making. With the ambition of creating a work environment that looks like you, we support you at all stages of your reflection: strategic framing of the project and feasibility study upstream of a project, (co-)design of work environments, and more broadly at the company level, design of a fitting out reference system and customised change support.

workplace consulting, working with our clients to create places fit for their changing working methods

Communicate, train and support stakeholders at all stages of the project

The success of a real estate project depends in part on the dynamics that you instil from the outset, as well as on the involvement and support of everyone.

Employees and managers are your company's most important asset, and the transformation of their work environment has a direct impact on them. Our experts, all of whom come from the world of human resources, are involved from the very first stages of your real estate project with proven methods that allow them to involve all levels of the company's hierarchy and to communicate with the staff representative bodies. Their extensive experience enables them to anticipate bottlenecks, monitor the social climate and adapt their methods of intervention to the different contexts encountered.

After an initial key listening phase, our experts will work with all your employees by proposing a system based on communication, training and support. This system can be adapted according to your company's needs: a global communication plan for the project, mobilisation of top management through the organisation of acculturation workshops, information and training for middle managers on the new work spaces and the necessary changes in their managerial practices, support for employees through simulation workshops, and sharing of good practices. Our objective is to give meaning to the project so that everyone adheres to it, takes ownership of the new working methods, spaces and their uses, and becomes a player in the transformation.

Change Management, communicate, train and support companies in their real estate project
Hybrid management training

Managing in hybrid mode

As part of our accreditation as a training organisation, Colliers supports managers in the transformation of working methods.

Discover our module
How can cohesion be supported through adapted and adaptable workspaces?

Explore hybrid work

Each month, the Colliers' series Caméléon explores all facets of hybrid work through insights from our experts and presentations of projects we carried out for our clients.

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