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What kind of challenge for coworking ?

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Feedback and crossed views from operators, businesses and coworkers


Paris is one of the European cities that have seen the strongest coworking growth. Although the share of coworking surfaces, estimated at 3.5%, remains marginal in the French capital’s business park, operator leaseholds have flourished over the last three years, accelerating the development of these spaces in Paris and in several neighbouring areas. Wellanchored in the real estate landscape, coworking spaces are now seen as a standard solution for businesses looking for offices.

Originally intended for freelancers and very small businesses, coworking began to flourish as it became more commonplace in the economic sphere. It is supported by a proliferation of operators with newly established and evolving models and strategies, some of whom aspire to joining industry leaders, whilst others are opting for more niche positioning. Due to its many variations and territories, to multiple user motivations and to its range of uses by employees or freelancers, coworking is a shape-shifting concept.

This report aims to offer a cross-sectional perspective between what operators promise and feedback from coworking users. To achieve this, we interviewed operators and business decision makers, working with the International Market Research Group (IFOP) to collect the opinions of coworkers, the people who experience coworking.

What are the advantages of coworking for companies? Which coworking model(s) for the future? To find out, download our report!



What kind of challenge for coworking ?

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