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Office Market Report Q3 2020

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Summer calm, autumnal worries


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Fall in placed demand


Rebound in supply


Rental inertia



The health crisis has provoked an unprecedented economic crisis and unprecedented events on a global scale: periods of population confinement and the virtual shutdown of certain economies, exits from confinement and gradual resumption of economic activity... all this in the context of a pandemic that is lasting and which is experiencing a second wave in Europe this autumn.

In France, the Government has responded with massive support for companies, which are facing a brutal economic crisis. In this context of uncertainty, the property market is being hit hard by the wait-and-see attitude of companies. The Ile-de-France office market is therefore devaluing sharply this year, with a 46% drop in transactional activity over the first nine months of the year and a 58% drop for the third quarter of 2020 alone compared with the third quarter of 2019. At the same time, the available supply is clearly recovering, once again crossing the 3 million sqm available threshold. Only rents show a certain inertia, but the increase in support measures makes it possible to delay future growth in sectors where supply is set to increase in the coming months.

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Office Market Report Q3 2020

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