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NWoW, when work environments mean business transformations

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The work environment is becoming a social and human subject.


Society and work are changing. This phenomenon is fast, and sometimes unexpected. There still isn’t a clear answer as to how we will work tomorrow but some major trends are forming - more collaboration, a better work-life balance, more empowerment, more flexibility... 

Regarding these new dynamics, we are experiencing a change in the work environment paradigm. The latter is becoming a receptacle for work and company transformation. Discover our new study on the impact of flexible work environments, carried out by the Think Institute for Colliers International France.

The environment is no longer a matter of space. It’s a social and human matter regarding work organisation and both individual and collective performance.

That’s why today Colliers International France is pioneering a new approach: the NWoW. These NWoW projects are, first and foremost, a reflection about a company’s change and development which are facilitated by the workspace. More than a real estate project, this project is centred around people and company organisation.

As far as today's work environment is concerned, there isn't one single answer, but rather a unique answer for each company.


NWoW, when work environments mean business transformations

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