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Space: 25,000 m²
Background: Safran has decided to bring together 5 entities, including 3 main ones (Safran Engineering Services, Labinal Power Systems and Safran Corporate, 95% of the workforce) on a single site under construction with the following objectives:

  • Strengthen group membership and develop internal cohesion;
  • Strengthen the group's image;
  • Improve the working environment and foster synergies between teams and entities;
  • Optimize costs.

Missions carried out by Colliers International: Financial modelling, operations set-up and field selection; Assistance to the project owner in the construction of the site; Assistance with strategic framing and change management; Design and implementation of workspaces; Implementation of the development charter in accordance with the needs expressed; Space Planning of workspaces, conviviality spaces and reception spaces; Transfer Engineering: design and management.

Year: 2012 - 2016