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To offer its employees a working environment conducive to conviviality and exchange, while promoting well-being on a daily basis


LeBonCoin, a key player in French Tech, has entrusted the experts at Colliers International France with the design and construction of its 5,400 m2 headquarters in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Learn more with the press release !

 Key information

  • Year: 2016
  • Surface area: 4,800 m2
  • Positions: 450 employees
  • Location: Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 10th arrondissement


  • Redefinition of needs
  • Site search
  • Implementation of a negotiation strategy
  • Financial and legal negotiations
  • Design of the development project
  • Realization of the development project
  • Transfers

Visit these areas in video !

 Leboncoin 7

Client context

LeBonCoin is the first French site for free classified ads, nearly 1 in 3 French people connect to it every day. Much more than a classified ad site, it is a social phenomenon that reveals new consumer practices. The company has a philosophy that is embodied in its working environments in line with its values and its vision of the world: proximity, pragmatism, responsibility and high standards. 


Issues at stake

  • Translate the start-up spirit and the culture of change
  • Enable permanent reinvention
  • Develop the well-being of employees and work environments adapted to operating modes

Leboncoin 3

Work environments that reflect Leboncoin

The choice of the corner was based on developments designed in a dynamic environment. 100% of the positions are dynamic (employees do not have a dedicated position and have workspaces of different types) including the Management in order to encourage transparent and consensual management and to promote a working environment conducive to conviviality and exchange. The conceptual approach was based on putting the history and values of the boncoin into perspective with the history and architecture of the site. By association of ideas, Colliers International France has created for each space, an imaginary path linking the analogies between the spirit of the boncoin (conviviality, proximity, exchange, vintage, mobility) and the spirit of the place (heritage, furniture stores, double height, windows on the courtyard, viewpoint, raw).

Leboncoin 5

Many collaborative spaces (meetings, informal meetings, team spaces, etc...) have been designed as well as a wide variety of workstation typologies based on the new working methods of the boncoin, in particular the project mode. Each space has its own identity, which is reflected architecturally in a mix of materials, furniture and styles, ranging from contemporary to "second hand". Its teams enjoy functional, bright and ultra-designed spaces on a daily basis, all in an industrial and colourful style. The shared spaces include meeting rooms on each floor, of different sizes and equipped with whiteboards or blackboards and screens; bubbles allowing employees to isolate themselves; docks, designed in the building's "interstice" zones for informal meetings and finally central and double height agoras for creativity and team sharing.

Cafeteria "Chez Régis" and "Chez Georgette", event space, rooftop with breathtaking views of all of Paris: exceptional common areas

The ground floor has been transformed into an event reception area to host both internal and external conviviality and meeting events. In this space, we find a hangar spirit, docks where real containers serve as meeting rooms, rest rooms and playrooms. The main room is equipped with modular suspended walls that allow both to partition the central space into 4 meeting room scenarios, but also to free up the space to make it a room dedicated to events. The "Chez Georgette" cafeteria / bar, already existing in the former premises of the boncoin, rue Lavoisier (Paris 8) offers a friendly bistro atmosphere and welcomes employees for a coffee, a break or an informal meeting.

Leboncoin 6

On the 5th floor, the main cafeteria "Chez Régis" is the meeting place for all Boncoin employees. There is also a magnificent 500 square metre Rooftop that offers a breathtaking view of all of Paris.

Leboncoin 4

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