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Architecture at the service of innovation

To initiate a new managerial shift after restructuring its businesses, the integrated real estate operator Icade has decided to move its headquarters in order to implement these transformations in the group's working environments.

Key information

  • Years: 2017 / 2018
  • Surface area: 13,000 m2
  • Posts: 570
  • Location: Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • Design time: 5 months
  • Time to complete: 4 months



Symbol of the digital and managerial revolution undertaken by Icade, the Open building, its new headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, reflects the company's values of openness, flexibility and innovation that have been implemented with Colliers International France. A co-construction in a very short time, 2 months of framing, which was enough to listen to requests and develop solutions that would win the support of the teams in a shared desire to change the company's culture. The challenge? Foster intrapreneurship and the creation of new ideas, install transversality and sharing between people internally and externally, business lines, entities or hierarchies to become a real showcase for innovation in the real estate sector.

Icade 1


These new challenges are perceptible as soon as they are received. Rather than a fixed, statutory post, it is flying hostesses who serve visitors, while digital walls that visually animate the entrance to the building mark the operator's new technologies. A permanent mobility that tells the story of the company's dynamism. This common thread continues in the first level Hub. This semi-public reception area has been designed as a digital agora to receive external guests as well as to hold team meetings. There is a diversity of seating typologies and modularity of equipment, connected furniture, reconfigurable bleachers, overhead projectors everywhere at disposal, etc. Finally, to support this feeling of vitality, the spaces and services on the different levels are all enriched: a multi-purpose restaurant for lunch with colleagues, to meet or co-work in the afternoon, café-terrace points to work in the green, an It-Desk, gaming areas or even thoughtful corners to make calls without disturbing your neighbour.

Icade 2


In this spirit of openness, Colliers International France has designed interior layouts that highlight the exterior views, places that breathe through the district that hosts Icade's new address. A spirit inside and outside staged thanks to the natural light that circulates freely and to spaces connected in a fluid way, while curves and undulations stimulate the encounter. A spirit of place that combines an urban palette evoking the codes of the city, concrete, brick, with a vegetal inspiration, shades of blue and green enhanced by stylish accents with warm wood as the link.


The work platforms all follow the same degraded organization. We leave collective spaces and Open Flex, to gradually move towards more closed stations in offices and alcoves refocused on acoustic equipment in order to isolate or concentrate. This vital and lively centre brings together storage lockers, coffee machines and more or less informal meeting areas, in lounge or brainstorm mode. An organisational scheme which, far from segmenting space in a fixed way, remains itself adaptable in order to allow greater efficiency. The curved central partitions with openwork wooden cladding allow the different trades, on each floor, to adjust or reconfigure the collaborative spaces according to their needs, while adding through light.

Icade 3


By defining more efficient workspaces, Colliers International France has supported Icade in its repositioning process, in its desire to anticipate the new working methods and rhythms of its teams and to renew its image.

Icade 4