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Davidson Consulting, a staggered and stunning seat

Their new work environments embody useful, aesthetic and humane design


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Davidson wanted to bring together on the same site the 200 employees who work at the headquarters (out of a total of 3000 employees, the majority of whom are consultants), in a 4,000 m² space that reflects their image: fun, offbeat and friendly. The employees of Davidson, a young and dynamic company, were very involved upstream. Their unique and original ideas were an integral part of the brief given to the architects. The new Davidson headquarters is atypical, unique and reflects the codes of practice and atmosphere of the restaurant and hotel industry with a Mix & Match of materials, motifs and furniture.

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Key information

  • Year: delivery in April 2019
  • Surface area: 3,927 m²
  • Workstations: 200
  • Location: Boulogne (92)
  • Project duration: October 2018 to April 2019

Missions carried out

  • AMO mission : 
    • Cleaning up
    • Project management mission
  • Project mission : 
    • Design and layout of spaces (space planning)
    • Architectural design
    • Furniture recommendation (purchase of new and aged furniture and recovery of work furniture from former premises)


Customer benefits

  • Multi-posted workspaces that promote concentration and exchange through "useful" and functional furniture
  • Multi-purpose spaces dedicated to well-being, collaborative work and relaxation
  • Create multi-destination spaces
  • Atypical spaces that meet the wishes of employees (slides, swings, billiards...)
  • Completion of the work within the specified and tight timeframe
  • Favouring outdoor spaces
  • To have a strong, emblematic address that will leave its mark on people's minds 


The signature Colliers

  • Ability to master subjects requiring multiple areas of expertise: design of layouts and workspaces, recommendation of furniture in a short period of time

  • Provide more well-being and services with 50% of spaces dedicated to relaxation, reception, terraces

  • Mixing atmospheres inspired by several countries and cultures that result in a Mix & Match of materials, furniture

  • Combining functionality and aesthetics of spaces

  • Maintain Davidson Consulting's DNA and values by offering them a fun, atypical and unique working environment that encourages exchanges and collaboration

  • Designing spaces for BREEAM certification