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Smart office for Bostik

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Unique atmosphere for Bostik's new head office!


Arkema (Bostik's parent company) wanted to bring all its subsidiaries together in a single site, the Défense Ouest building in Colombes. As a result, Bostik was allocated 4,500 m2 over four floors, to be redeveloped to accommodate its 270 employees. Colliers International supported Bostik from June 2018 in this relocation project, which was an opportunity for the company's managers to create a new, more collaborative and innovative working environment, with, in particular, a move into open spaces. This upstream support work made it possible to involve the employees in this project in order to meet their expectations and ensure that they were satisfied with their new work spaces. We thought of the project as an envelope designed for and around the Bostik teams, in line with the company's image.

Key informations 

  • Delivery : february 2019
  • Surface area : 4 500 m2 
  • Location : Colombes
  • Workstations : 262


  • Project management by general contractor
  • Fitting out of 4 floors (space planning and design)
  • Change management
  • Follow-up of the work
  • Purchase Furniture
  • Transfer


Marielle Hatem, Interior Architect at Colliers présents this unique project in our Book Colliers n°4 (pages 65 à 80) >


Discover Bostik's offices !


To meet employees' expectations, bubbles of different sizes allow everyone to isolate themselves quickly when needed, without having to cross the open office.


« Our customers would have liked to implement a dynamic organisation with unassigned workstations, but after our workplace team's analysis, we concluded that an open space with assigned workstations was a better solution in the short term. Moreover, the management team was convinced that an open shared space was also the best solution in the short term. » Marielle Hatem, Interior Architect at Colliers International France.


« This project was unanimously approved by our employees. We owe this success to the availability of the Colliers teams and our ambassadors, their responsiveness and the commitment of the management. » Laurent Selles, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communication at Bostik.


Collaborative spaces: traditional meeting rooms, a Lab (research centre for communication), a Work Café and a Forum (equipped with a platform where collaborators can discuss, rehearse, move...).