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La Française des Jeux

New work synergies

By leaving its former headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt and moving into a new building, La Française des Jeux has affirmed its commitment to offering its employees more modern working environments that are conducive to conviviality and exchange.


Key information

  • Year: 2018
  • Surface area: 25,000 m²
  • Workstations: 1,250
  • Location: Boulogne
  • Design time: 6 months
  • Time to complete: 10 months

FDJ 30


About fifteen experts from Colliers International France accompanied the FDJ in the realization of its real estate project at each stage during nearly two years; strategic framing, global follow-up, design of the installations, advice in accompaniment to the change, follow-up of the works until the installation in the new premises. Collaboration in co-construction with the company and its teams, who are strongly involved in the creative process, has been the key to the success of a major challenge: responding to the transformation of working methods and the needs of employees for flexibility and mobility in their daily lives. In order to offer a new dynamic and conducive environment for exchanges, Colliers International France teams have developed an architectural project around the core values of the FDJ: play and sport.

FDJ 33



Four emblematic stages in a player's life have been highlighted as the guiding principle for the design of interior design: daily training, openness, positive impact and fun. The first, the training, staged by a dynamic floor, invites to crossroads, meetings and exchanges throughout the employees' careers. The second, openness, is reflected in through plateaus in which natural light flows freely, stimulating the group spirit. As for the notion of positive impact, it is expressed in collective spaces (meeting rooms, bubbles, reprographic points, lockers or convivial spaces) where exchange is at the centre of usage. Placed on the transversal path, these collective spaces with their own identity give rhythm to the stages and generate unexpected things, staged by a playful and colourful mix & match effect.

FDJ 22


Finally, pleasure, the fourth stage of a player's life, is the sum of these spaces and paths redefining the workplace as a multi-sport field. It invites both to group moments, through destinations and varied work postures that reinvent uses, and to a better comfort of individual spaces where one can concentrate more easily in silence.

 FDJ 13


Noble and natural materials such as wood have been chosen to bring warmth and relief to the spaces. Tailor-made arrangements in the brand's colours have been created for qualitative working environments, relying on the brand signature.

From the panoramic elevators in the heart of the building, the first stage of the journey, each floor opens onto a friendly space where employees can enjoy a coffee, a break or an informal meeting. They each have a different theme: games, travel, sports, cinema or music, entertainment that the winning customers of La Française des Jeux can enjoy. These different and decadent atmospheres stimulate the creativity of employees, offer them personalised spaces and create movement within the floors.

 FDJ 26

As the steps are taken, we move from lively spaces, areas of conviviality or informal points, to spaces that are more conducive to concentration. The Presidency floor, which also includes the winners' area, is bathed in natural light. Connectivity being an important issue, wifi is available in every workspace, but also in the cafeteria and on the terrace in order to be able to work anywhere and at any time and thus allow a great flexibility of use.


The result is abundant, mobile, dynamic. The absence of an assigned workstation, the spaces arranged by activities, the great diversity of furniture and posture typologies, as well as the unique atmospheres, reinforce the new synergies of the teams' work desired by the FDJ.