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With the headquarters in Saint-Denis coming to the end of the lease, it was time for GRT GAZ to set up a new head office in a new building under construction. GRT Gaz RICE is also getting closer to its other sites. This new headquarters represents a major challenge in terms of image and attracting and retaining talent, and is a showcase for the company. The management behind this ambitious project wishes to change and develop working methods to encourage transversality and exchanges.

Key information

  • Year: 2019
  • Surface area: 2,500 m2 
  • Location: Villeneuve-la-Garenne (92)
  • Workstations: 120


  • Follow-up of the work in AMO
  • Space planning 
  • Elaboration of the specifications
  • Design of workspaces
  • Furniture recommendation
  • Change management (transition to a flex office environment)

Their needs and our objectives

  • Promote GRTGaz through their new headquarters
  • Changing working methods: cross-functionality and sharing
  • Promote well-being and conviviality Move managerial practices towards trust and autonomy
  • Make this new headquarters a showcase for the Group
  • Support management and employees towards a dynamic environment by anticipating as much as possible the obstacles and fears that may exist with strong communication

 The Colliers' signature 

  • Decline GRTGaz's DNA by offering them a "smart" working environment that serves their activities 
  • Create spaces called "territories" that are friendly, warm, bright and stimulating
  • Development of many meeting spaces calibrated according to usage: bubbles, meeting rooms, village square.
  • Accompaniment on the workplace throughout the project: permanent communication and exchanges with the client who moves from a closed office environment to dynamic open spaces
  • Respect of the work schedule carried out within tight deadlines in a new building built just for them (impossibility to negotiate the duration of the work)

Customer benefits

The building becomes a production tool and reinforces the brand image

  • To be in the "home", to feel in a research centre where the human being is at the service of "ohm" technology
  • Bright, warm spaces called "territories" with warm colorimetry, natural materials and a large number of meeting spaces, concentrations and conviviality
  • Change and support towards new work organisations
  • Digitalization of tools and workspaces