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Transforming the customer and employee experience in real estate agencies


Anne Babkine, Director of Offer and Customer Experience at Foncia, and Ludovic Tallon, Design Director at Colliers France, look back at their collaboration on the new agency concept project.


«The redesign of our branch concept is part of Foncia's transformation project; a digital transformation project that aims to dematerialise a certain number of interactions between employees and clients. The branch was to become a meeting place with added value. Remember that more than 90% of future customers start their journey online and one of the founding acts of this concept was to name this agency »



«Our approach in assisting Foncia in this new agency project was precisely to assist them on the whole, on what experience we could imagine in terms of location, digitalisation and deployment of the new charter and the new brand. So it wasn't just a matter of thinking about a project in terms of deploying an identity, but of rethinking the whole experience, whether it be for customers, visitors or employees, and really guaranteeing total consistency for this new turn in Foncia's branches. The new branch concept is based on two ideas: to treat the window as a very lively space, open to the interior and then inside the space, to open up the spaces, to connect them around a central lounge that serves as a reception area, a meeting place and a place for very quick exchanges. And around this central space, to imagine two types of private spaces for both the employee and the client. »





«After a hundred or so installations over the last 24 months, the feedback has been very good, first of all from the employees, because they have more pleasant working spaces and they feel a certain pride in belonging to the brand. The other point is our customers: we carried out a survey with a hundred or so passers-by in several locations in France and more than two thirds of them noticed these changes, of course, and see it as a real element of brand enhancement. »



«The Colliers approach is different from that of a classic design agency in the sense that it acquires and brings together a whole range of expertise both on the upstream design part and the advice, how to direct the right reflection on uses, postures and paths and then on its design as well, because we are capable of delivering both architectural design and visual identity design. We have added additional expertise in terms of interactive design, so we know how to combine all this expertise and put it to work for the client. »



«A lot of time was spent understanding both the current uses, but also those we were aiming for. So that's the first thing, and I would say that's probably the most important thing. And the second is the right touch of identity, by thinking about how our logo and our brand could be present without being omnipresent, in the use of colour, for example, whether in the window or inside the various spaces. This is particularly important in the highly differentiated real estate world. »



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Shooting photos : ©Foncia

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Ludovic Tallon



Ludovic Tallon joined Colliers International France at the end of 2017 as Design Director and brings his creative expertise and global design vision to the projects division. He supervises and strengthens the Architects and Designers teams’ creative strength, and develops the overall design approach as well as the project uses and image values’ coherence.

With a DSAA diploma in creation/conception in space design, 10 years of varied experience in architecture, landscape, urban planning and graphic design, and having worked for 5 years at Saguez Workstyle, Ludovic has developed a vision that embrace users, investors, co-workers or restorers projects.

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