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Estée Lauder

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After London, Estée Lauder is deploying its headquarters model in Paris and more particularly in Neuilly-sur-Seine in the Crystal Park building, where the Group's 400 employees are housed in 4,200 m².

Co-developed with American interior designer Gensler, this European headquarters serves as a "pilot" for the group's other headquarters. The objective is also to define the conditions for success and identify the risks to develop other Estée Lauder organizations around the world.

This new site offers its employees a hybrid working environment (flex office and closed spaces). Once the door is opened, the employee enters a luxurious, bright and connected environment.

Key information

  • Surface area: 4,200 m²
  • Workstations: 400
  • Location: Neuilly-sur-Seine (92)
  • Delivery: January 2019 

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Our missions

Project management assignment (PMO) with Gensler (designer)

Project Management Assistance Mission:

  • Deployment of the group's real estate scheme
  • Adaptation of the project to meet specific needs
  • Furniture recommendation
  • Space planning, decoration, furniture transfer

Mission Support for change:

  • Support for change and new working methods
  • Transfer of teams

Deadline: September 2018 - January 2019

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Their needs & our objectives

  • Architect Gensler has issued a call for tenders to duplicate his headquarters model. Colliers was chosen to deploy and support this project taking into account time, budget and language constraints (project in English).
  • For Estée Lauder, changing headquarters means moving away from the Haussmann style and individual offices, breaking down barriers and bringing employees together, and moving to a flex office environment. For Colliers International France, the challenge is to support them throughout this transformation project, from consulting to employee transfer.
  • The building becomes a production tool and reinforces the brand image.
  • Bringing our added value to a highly qualitative and inflexible project.

The signature Colliers 

Colliers International France has worked closely with Gensler: adaptation of an international project within a very short time frame.

Ability to master subjects requiring multidisciplinary expertise: Colliers has been able to deploy its expertise in its various businesses (AMO, Change, Move) supported by a strong multidisciplinary team.

Provide transparency to the client on the technical, operational and financial aspects. The client was kept informed of each step of the project through numerous reports.

Agile and responsive team always looking for solutions to the client's various problems.

Ability to carry out projects integrating retail issues on time.

Colliers International France, with this project in co-construction with Gensler, has been able to translate and understand the company's values by providing its expertise on a high quality and high-end product, adapted to 2019 users .

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Client benefits

The new Estée Lauder workspaces respond to a transformation of work methods within the company and the needs of employees for flexibility and mobility in their daily work.

Furniture quality, natural light, design space comfort, greater efficiency, better collaboration: the new Estée Lauder headquarters is a showcase to strengthen its brand image, attract and retain talent, and be a model for other European headquarters.

Completion of the work on time and within budget.

Reflection and innovation were at the heart of the project on technological aspects, acoustics and office layout, making this building a reference.